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Why must you be ashamed of me? Deep inside I'm just an abandoned child who longs for love and security of a family. I wish you would love me as I am. I am in spite of my error a lovely creature. After all what you've done to me I deserve to be accepted and loved. I have never made you accusations, I have only one of you expected to be there for me, to hold me tight if I do not make it alone, to be throwing myself, and no matter what I do to stand behind me even if I do not always the way choose you think is right. Why? Why I am so matter? Are you blind? I love you and it, for years I'm just hurt. For 11 years I try with my life to do something and fail all the time. I always come back to you and hope that you help me. Why do you let me fall again and again? I get help instead made accusations that I would sooner say something to. You knew a long time from my suffering and you have not helped me. Do I have to have you sitting around ever accused idle? No! I have repeatedly tried to fight me with your counsel, to make you all pretty and always went back to the ground. I will never give up and one day you will beg for forgiveness with me.


14.7.14 17:55

Letzte Einträge: Die Brücke ins Jehnseits, Sehr Bewegend irgendwie..., Ach eeehhm ich sollt euch vielleicht noch einige Hintergrunddetails zu meinen Blogeinträgen liefern...

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